Howlite Wand

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Howlite Wand

The Howlite Wand is a powerful and versatile tool, ranging in size from 8.5 to 10 cm in length and 3 cm in width. Crafted from the beautiful white Howlite crystal, this wand embodies the calming and soothing energy of its namesake stone.

The Howlite Wand is known for its ability to promote peace, tranquility, and emotional healing. Its gentle energy helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia, allowing for a sense of calm and relaxation. By working with the Howlite Wand, you can tap into its calming vibrations and find inner peace amidst the chaos of everyday life.

With its elongated shape and smooth surface, the Howlite Wand is perfect for directing and focusing energy during energy work, meditation, or crystal healing practices. Its pointed end can be used to stimulate acupressure points or energy centers, while the rounded end offers a soothing touch for massage or relaxation.

Beyond its metaphysical properties, the Howlite Wand is an elegant and enchanting addition to any crystal collection. Its pure white color and marbled patterns make it visually striking and pleasing to the eye. Whether displayed on an altar, used in energy work, or kept close during meditation, this wand radiates a peaceful and harmonizing energy.

Experience the transformative power of the Howlite Wand and let it guide you on a journey of emotional healing, tranquility, and spiritual growth. Whether you are seeking to find inner peace, reduce stress, or enhance your meditation practice, this wand is a valuable tool that supports your well-being and personal growth.

Discover the beauty and serenity of the Howlite Wand and allow its energy to bring balance and harmony to your life.

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Howlite is typically white with grey marbling and governs the Crown Chakra. It facilitates the communication sector, self – awareness and self-expression. Howlite is known as the calming stone of the mineral kingdom. It is believed to eliminate uncontrolled anger and Howlite initiates Spiritual Development and facilitates the preparation of the minds gateway to other dimensions. It facilitates the gateway to past lives and other realms and assists one to connect with their Higher Self. It teaches patience and calms the mind whilst releasing suppressed anger and moody tendencies. Howlite stimulates brain function and enhances the memory making it a great study buddy. Howlite relieves insomnia and and assists in dream recall. Wearing Howlite protects you against negative projection from others and helps to release past traumas from this and other lifetimes.

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