Reiki & Vibrational Therapy

Reiki & Vibrational Therapy

REIKI:   Universal Life Energy is the definition of the Japanese word Reiki. The founder, Dr Mikao Usui discovered this technique in the late 1800’s. Reiki is an alternative healing technique where the practitioner channels universal energy and transfers it through the palms of the hand encouraging emotional and physical healing in a non-invasive way. Beneficial for those needing healing energy to aid in relaxation and is said to relieve pain and help calm the mind.

Reiki is perfect for absent or long distance healing. Just supply a recent photo and experience the many benefits that Reiki has to offer. Perfect for those experiencing high levels of stress due to unforeseen circumstances to take the edge off. Reiki has been acknowledged and introduced into Western hospitals proving beneficial results in reducing uncomfortable pain and suffering in palliative care patients.

This service can be achieved via distance healing.

Please provide a recent photo of the person or fur baby that you wish to receive this healing. I will provide you with a date and time that healing will precede. Please ensure that the client is in a comfortable and relaxed environment whilst healing is taking place. This service generally takes around half an hour and once it is completed please ensure that fluid intake is readily available.

To achieve maximum results please do not drink coffee for at least 6 hours prior and no alcohol for 24 hours before appointment.

Please contact us for any information you may require.


Begin your healing journey.

Caroline is an Internationally renowned psychic, Alternative therapist and conductor of healing
energy who has been immersed in her art professionally for over 25 years. Her third eye gifts,
however, have been with her since childhood. Caroline began her journey refining her intuitive abilities from an early age. She discovered crystals and used their healing powers to transform her life and those she dearly loves. She researched extensively and experimented with different combinations of crystals and is offering her knowledge to help you transform your own life. Her extensive training includes the following:

Diplomas and Studies in:
● Holistic Counselling
● Regression Therapy
● Deep Meditation Facilitation
● Advanced Crystal Therapy
● Alpha Repatterning
● Timeline Therapy
● Reiki 1 & 2
● Metaphysics
● Mental Health

Knowledge from the physical realm is accompanied by the natural
flow she receives from the spiritual. She channels information from source energy and utilizes
tools such as:
● Tarot
● Channeling
● Palmistry
● Numerology
● Ancient Egyptian Crystal Therapy
● Aura and Chakra activations and re-balancing

Caroline has helped facilitate comfort for a
multitude of complexities such as:
● Post traumatic stress disorder
● Anxiety
● Anger
● Depression
● Grief physical pain
● Weight loss
● Relationship issues
● Phobias
Caroline’s gifts range from Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Mediumship and with the natural ability to see Auras and detect Chakras has ignited her passion for service and has helped many clients. Her dedication to
assisting those in need of spiritual guidance and intuitive healing has been witnessed time and
time again. She assists her clients in raising their vibrations and releasing stagnant energy that
can lead to negative manifestations such as illness and disabilities.
Greatly enjoying certain aspects of her career, she specializes in relationships.

These sessions are designed to help those experiencing any number of issues such as:






Anxiety and or Panic Attacks

Feelings of Anguish and Despair


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Reiki & Vibrational Therapy

Online 60 min Session, Remote Distance Healing

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