Welcome to our wonderful world of crystals.

Here at Pineal Crescent we are dedicated to introducing Crystals to you by presenting them as raw crystals or as fashionable show piece jewellery amongst our other services offered.

Those that have worked with crystals or have experienced the benefits of crystals will say that Crystals are tools to help you go to those deeper layers within yourself. It is well documented that Crystals have been around for thousands of years resonating powerful energy vibrating from these natural wonders that have been proven to enhance our natural healing process. There are historical and archaeological findings telling us that it was as early as 6000 years ago that crystals were already used for medical treatment along with spiritual practices. Even though the first records come from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, the modern use of crystal healing takes its roots from Chinese medicine and Hindu traditions. So not only will you look fantastic wearing our lovely range of jewellery, but you will also feel great too.

Caroline has dedicated herself as an Alternative Therapist and conductor of healing energy that has been immersed in her art professionally for over 25 years, uses her powerful programming abilities to remotely program each piece personally for the client. Combining carefully selected crystals designed to clear the specific chakra from negative vibrations that causes dis-ease within the physical body. Over the years she has combined specific combinations of crystals tailored to target the areas in need of healing and transforming negative vibrations by using crystals to absorb the vibrational toxins. She has experienced some amazing results. Browse through our Products Store and choose the right Crystal for your needs.

Our store at Pineal Crescent offers an in-depth review of each of the crystals, their benefits and healing properties giving you the insight and confidence in choosing the right piece for you.

You will find an assortment of jewellery pieces that we are sure will suit everyone’s personal needs. Also available are raw pieces just the way Mother Nature intended, which can be strategically placed around the home or office, offering emf protection from the various electrical appliances and cellular usage. Great protection for the whole family.

Here at Pineal Crescent we understand that one shoe does not fit all. So if you have a specific or unique need or just unsure which crystals  may be best suited for you, please feel free to contact us at info@pinealcrescent.com.au for assistance.

Caroline also offers a free Chakra analysis with every consultation booked providing you a clear understanding of which Chakras are needing more attention enabling you to choose the crystals right for you.  Every crystal is energetically cleansed and free personal programming is offered with every consultation. It is suggested to keep your crystals within your auric field for at least two weeks for maximum results. Cleansing your crystals is a must at least once a fortnight or whenever they feel heavy and appear dull. This indicates that the crystal has drawn out excessive amounts of negative energy and in need of clearing.

Please visit How to cleanse your crystals page for more information.

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