Healing and frequency raising is something that we all aspire to however its important to acknowledge that healing is a process and with our magical world of crystals we can definitely speed things up.
Having your own personal talisman to support you through challenging times is the perfect way to begin your Chakra re-balancing journey. Designed intuitively with the perfect combination of crystals made especially for you. These pieces are created in a deep meditative state and are infused with high frequencies and are activated in perfect alignment to your specific needs.
Choosing a necklace and Bracelet combination will ensure that all your Chakras are supported through your Shadow Self Awakening period gently unlocking those hidden suppressed triggers without having to go through intense emotional turmoil.
We have a special offer so that you can begin your healing journey. Included in the process is an activation and programming session to help release the negative energy brought to the surface. In this session we will clear your talismans and reprogram them ready for the next layer of healing. Like an onion you will discover that layer upon layer of hurt and past trauma will peel away. Combining various techniques including light body activation that primarily focuses healing on the subtle body. The Subtle body comprises of 7 Subtle bodies that represent the layers of the Auric field. Humans are primarily multi-dimensional beings vibrating at different frequencies within the different layers.

The 7 Subtle Bodies are:

1. The Etheric Body
2. The Emotional Body
3. The Mental Body
4. The Astral body
5. The Etheric Template Body
6. The Celestial Body
7. The Causal Body

Although it is impossible at present to measure these subtle bodies through scientific study it is important to note that many cultures have been acknowledging its existence for many centuries. Although labelled with different names such as Prana (Sanskrit) Qi (Chineses) Ki (Polynesian) to name a few however they are all referring to the collective description of Life Force Energy.
It is important to ensure that your life force energy is flowing and it is well known that stagnant energy flow and blocks can lead to dis-ease within the physical body.

The Chakra System plays a very important part in assisting the energy flow within our etheric field. Suppressed Emotions can lead to blockages and lack of energy flow within the Subtle Bodies leading to all sorts of issues.

Crystals hold a certain frequency and play an important role in absorbing negative energetical blockages that are stored within the Subtle Bodies.
Choosing the right combination of crystals and Counselling makes a perfect combination towards a Holistic approach.