A Crystal Healing Experience

My name is CaroLine. Pineal Crescent is where we will assist you on your journey to self-discovery.

I have worked professionally in the industry for over 25 years as a Online Psychic, and Vibrational Therapist. Over the years I have worked for reputable Psychic lines and have read for many people worldwide. I enjoyed being a part of the local festivals and worked at the Mind, Body and Soul Expo as an Aura Reader at the Kirlian photography stand in Melbourne, Australia, my hometown. Over the years I have conducted crystal healings with amazing results and would like to share with you the magical world of Crystals.

I created Pineal Crescent with the hope to provide affordable and quality Crystals and Jewellery, along with services to assist you on your journey for self-awareness and ultimately inner peace. All the Crystals and Jewellery from Pineal Crescent are personally chosen by myself with quality in mind. Our products arrive displayed in quality packaging, perfect for the ideal gift.

I am available for services via Zoom, Messenger, Facebook, Phone and in person. Bookings are essential.

The Chakra System


Pineal Crescent …

Our methods using natural healing therapies provide assistance in alleviating and reducing dis-ease, boosting your immunity along with reducing symptoms and side affects.

Crystals and Gemstones are Pure and Natural Earthly Substances. Like a magnet, crystals draw out the negative harmful energy that cause dis-ease and suffering creating a healthy environment.

We supply an assortment of quality Crystal Jewellery and Pieces that we are sure will suit everyone’s personal needs. Just the way Mother Nature intended. Visit our store today.

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