Spirits, who or what are they?

The existence of spiritual entities has been well documented for as long as we can remember. From shamanism to Judaism, from the native Americans to ancient Egyptians, history is full of fascinating stories. Today, even the skeptics have become more open to the idea of the existence of different types of energies that are not always visible to the naked eye. What actually is a spiritual entity? A spiritual entity is a non-physical form of energy parasite that has acquired a form of consciousness of its own. They attach to us according to our vibrational disposition and depending on the level of negativity we are resonating with will determine as to what dimension they are vibrating on. The level of attachment depends on the strength of the entity as well as the openness and mental and emotional strength of the individual with whom they have attached to.

Where do spirits come from?

Various religious belief systems have different versions to answer this question however they all seem to correlate in one way or another. In Buddhism and Hinduism, where people believe in reincarnation, explain that we all transit into different levels of being or existence when we die and are reborn. Other Eastern beliefs give us different reasons why some spirits can mingle in the physical world. It depends greatly on the cause of death i.e. trauma, sickness, accident. The Chinese believe that after death, consciousness breaks into channels of energy and part of it transcends into the spiritual world while the other part remains in the physical world. When the spirit is trapped during the time of death and find it difficult to travel into the light, meaning the tunnel that takes it into the spiritual world, it looks for ways to communicate with us. The reason why they cannot travel into the spiritual world varies. That is why sometimes our fur babies can feel their presence and seem to be transfixed at something that we perceive as not there.

What do these spirits look like?

There is no single definition to answer this question. Entities can take different shapes and colors and they can also change form from one minute to another. It also depends on the individual’s level of vibration to perceive them. Some individuals are more tuned into sounds, some perceive light, some notice a difference in room temperature or smell an unusual odor reminding them of their loved ones who are passed on. It could be the perfume or cologne they used to wear, it could be their favorite song or an object that belonged to them. In certain religions, the reason why the dead are burned is to facilitate the passage of the spirit into the spiritual realm faster and easier. Some religions do not allow the burning of the bodies because the physical body needs to be intact for the rebirth. The ancient Egyptians refused to burn their dead and chose instead to preserve their bodies by embalming the body and wrapping it up in strips of linen for thousands of years.

Why do children and animals feel them more than adults?

Animals and children are more receptive as they are not under social pressure to fulfill responsibilities. Whereas adults block their energies and lower their vibrations due to their daily life obligations, stress, and social pressure. When our energy level is low or is completely blocked, it is not easy for us to sense the existence of other spirits around us. Animals and children also have a higher intuition and can feel and see things their adult counterparts have programmed to block away. Children are especially targeted because of the likeliness of making easy contact. Many children adopt them as what become branded as ‘imaginary’ friends. It is important to take the time to listen to your children and monitor the effects this could be having on your child’s wellbeing. Spirits don’t always have your best interests at heart.

Types of spiritual entities

There is a lot of research and findings on the different types of spiritual entities. Here are some of the most commonly seen types:

This is usually the spirit of a loved one like a parent, spouse, a family member or a friend. They can be of high vibration or low vibration and they have different ways of communicating with us. Their spiritual personality can most times appear as the same as their personality when they were alive. They can communicate with us through sounds or smells, in dreams, or sometimes we might feel a gentle touch on our bodies. Sometimes our loved ones visit us to give us comfort, to let us know that they are fine, or they can give us support when we feel weak or down. They can also give us signs of certain things that are about to happen in our lives. Sometimes they stay around to help right the wrongs of the past.
Orbs are transparent shapes of light that consist of different colors or geometrical shapes inside them. They appear as translucent balls of light in pictures. But sometimes they also appear in the physical world depending on the energy level of the individual who perceives them. They represent the soul essence of many different beings including humans who have passed on, animal spirits, faery kingdom and galactic beings. Orbs generally appear in photos and videos and are quite distinct to the misconstrued backscatter often mistaken as orbs. Backscatter is often seen in photos as little white circular images caused by the cameras flash reflecting on unfocused particles in the air. However not all circular images can be explained simply as backscatter.
The Elemental Kingdom is made up of many little some say mythical creatures that possess wisdom of the elements and govern the animal and plant kingdom. Faeries, Goblins, Mermaids, Elves, Leprechauns and Sylphs are amongst the popular variety. Energetical Beings invisible to most humans live in the heart of Mother Nature where they are in their element. Starring in many children’s story book these beings have been denounced as fictional beings created to stimulate a child’s imagination.
The word Angel was derived from the Greek word Angelos meaning ‘messenger’. They appear to us to impart messages of wisdom and help us with our decisions at pinnacle crossroads. They have a high frequency of vibration and they are there for us when we are in need of divine intervention in order to protect and guide us. Many people find comfort in the knowledge that they have an angel or spirit guide watching over them and whispering words of encouragement and offering support in times of sorrow and despair. There are many recounts of people suffering terrible accidents or near-death experiences and reporting that a beautiful angel appeared and saved their lives. I, myself experienced such a magical intervention and can vouch that there isn’t a more loving feeling to be felt than at that moment when they appear. Angels are spirits that have never taken human form and are filled with such an abundance of unconditional love that it is impossible for them to ever experience hatred, jealousy or anger. Beings from the celestial realms are direct servants of the source and ancient history has documented their influences all around the world suggesting evidence of their existence.

They are mainly depicted as winged beings however there are Angels that are wingless and known as Ascended Masters. These celestial beings have been documented in ancient scripts by various cultures. The Abrahamic scripts of Judaism saw an angel bring news of Abraham’s son whilst in Christianity an angel appeared to Mary to announce the pregnancy of her son Jesus. An Angel delivered the qu’aran to Mohammed and even Egypt have their own winged angel they worshiped named Nepthys.

Spirit guides are beings that have left their physical body at death and raised their vibration to a higher frequency meaning that they are no longer required to gravitate back to the third dimensional plane here on earth. As part of their evolvement they are allocated to a human being in order to help guide them through their path of enlightenment. Spirit guides are that gentle voice we hear in our mind trying to coax us out of that bad decision that in hindsight we always knew we should have listened more intently to.

Spirit Guides aren’t necessarily assigned to stay with you for your entire journey here on this plane. As you evolve so does the choice of guide allocated for your next step on your path and at times you may have more than one guide helping you along the way. Most spirit guides portray themselves as they appeared in their last life and it has been known for people to discover their guides to be from diverse cultures different to their own. Meditation and deep reflection work may enable the conscious mind to relax enough to help make contact with yours more accessible. Certain crystals are excellent in facilitating this access process by gently opening the third eye to enable you to make clearer connections.

These are the dark shadows that appear in the form of a humanoid. These are those fleeting shadows that catches the corner of your eyes. They are reportedly the most common type of ghost sighting documented. These beings have been the prime source of debate by the medical professionals and paranormal investigators as to the conclusion of what these shadows really are. Some say they are evil entities appearing to conjure fear whilst others disagree and claim they are time travelers or inter galactical beings. The medical profession claim they are hallucinations or drug induced psychosis or essentially side effects from chemically altered states of mind. Whatever you believe these shadow people are regardless they do instill a sense of unease when a glimpse is witnessed.

This particular group are believed to carry negative energy like anger, aggression, sadness, depression, even hatred. They gravitate around lower vibrations as that is the vibration they resonate most with. They depend on fear and aggressive energy to strengthen their energy field.

If you witness these dark forces at play maybe an indication that it’s time to work on strengthening the aura and cleansing the chakras.

A haunting spirit is usually the resident of a specific place. This is where they used to live when they were alive and where they died. These haunting spirits can be a human or an animal spirit. They appear repeatedly. They find it difficult to let go of their physical world and those with whom they shared their lives with.

The word Poltergeist is derived from the German words polter meaning crash and geist meaning ghost. Poltergeists are malevolent forces responsible for physical disturbances such as moving objects and making loud noises. These beings are usually denser in energy and have strong abilities capable of channeling their energy into the physical realm. This enables them to send objects flying and break items and more alarmingly cause physical harm if not using strong protection barriers against them. Certain crystals make excellent conduits to have around the home to help banish and protect your home from these unwanted squatters.

Religious testimonies suggest that Demons are fallen angels banished from the kingdom of heaven destined to follow Satan and walk the fires of hell for eternity. The Greek word Daimon was derived from the platonic dialogues referring to a malevolent spirit that spoke to Socrates conniving him in a negative fashion. It is believed that these beings are a highly intelligent race and their mission is to lower the vibration of their unsuspecting hosts. They prey on the vulnerable and draw energy from their victims by using whatever tactics needed to dishevel their prey. It is imperative to understand that demons are master shape shifters and can appear in any shape or form they desire making them an immensely powerful force to reckon with. Only highly trained experts in this field should ever make contact with these entities as it can become too dangerous if not well equipped. It is exceptionally important to keep a healthy mind, body and soul to ensure that the auric field is strong and that the chakras are in peak performance for maximum protection against these parasites.