Tarot is used as a tool to provide insight into a person’s unconscious mind aiding access into their deeper thought processes.

It can help the enquirer explore potential options in directions of actions that they may take regarding the issue.

Tarot can provide deeper clarity by eliminating the turmoil creating confusion.

Tarot can provide deeper clarity and eliminate fear based confusion. In a general reading the topics discussed are usually based on the following:

Material Matters  which generally revolve around vocational affairs and finances focusing on Money, Industry, Material gain, Negotiations, Practicality, Status, Growth and Enterprise, .

Matters of the Heart which is oriented around Love, Happiness, The Emotions, Fertility, Glory, Energy surrounding your Commitment, Home and Family, The Arts and Possessions. Generally this typically revolves around Relationships.

Intellectual Matters when questions are surrounding thoughts and worries or dealings with the mind. This helps to clarify areas such as Ambition, The intellect, Aggression, Force, Worries, Misfortune, Problems, Courage, and Strife.

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