The Aura Explained

The auric field is the energy field surrounding your physical body an energetical extension of ourselves. Each person has their own that reaches out from their body and into the surrounding environment, intermingling with other energy fields. Represented by bands of colours, it has been equated to the magnetic tape in a tape recorder which stores information of your past, present and future.

The health of the auric field has been said to be directly be linked to our own health. Although science has not developed far enough for us to be able to measure our auras with numbers data, there is no doubt that it is there. Much like science is yet to document measurements of our minds or emotions, they are undeniably a part of who we are.

Serving as a protection barrier this force field consists of 7 layers. The seven layers referred to as subtle bodies are defined by location, colour, density form and functions. There are three divisions that these seven layers are condensed into.

They comprise of as follows:

Physical Plane

The Etheric Body, The Emotional Body and The Mental Body are divisions of the Physical Plane.

The Etheric Body can be viewed as the state between energy and matter. It consists of tiny lines like the lines you see on a television screen. It typically extends from one quarter to two inches beyond the physical body and pulsates at 15-20 cycles per minute.

The Emotional Body is associated with feelings and follows the outline and penetrates into the physical body extending itself for at least 8cm. Its colour varies from bright clear colours to dark subdued colours depending on the emotional disposition experienced for that period. This layer is where physical dis-ease begins to manifest physical symptoms.

The Mental Body extends beyond the emotional body and is associated with thoughts and mental processes. It appears as a bright yellow aura around the head and shoulders. It can extend 10-20 centimetres from the body becoming brighter when engaged in mental processes.

Astral Plane

The Astral Plane governs the Astral Body and has no fixed shape. It is composed of clouds of colour similar to the emotional layer. This layer extends 15-30 centimetres from the body and is dominated by a rose-pink colour. This layer bridges the aura and the spiritual plane.

Spiritual Plane

The spiritual Plane is also divided into three layers comprising of the Etheric Template, Celestial Body and Ketheric Body. The Etheric Template is the furthest removed from the first layer and contains the Etheric Template blueprint. It extends 45-60 cm outer body. The Celestial Body is referred to as the Emotional level of this plane and extends about 60-85cm. This is where spiritual ecstasy is experienced. It appears as a shimmering opalescent light.

The Ketheric Body extends 80-100 centimetres. This outer form is an egg shape of the subtle bodies and is regarded as strong and resilient. The colour vibration is Gold containing the structure of the Physical Body and all the Chakras.

When we experience trauma and extreme stress levels this weakens our Auric field and we become susceptible to psychic attacks and weakened chakra functions. Substance or alcohol abuse can also wreak havoc to our subtle bodies.

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