Agate Tea Light Candle Holder – Purple

Agate Tea Light Candle Holder – Purple

Enjoy the soothing flickering candle light whilst taking in Agates healing attributes.
Agate is known as a soothing and calming stone and its healing abilities to encourage acceptance of oneself. It assists in stabilising mood swings and facilitates the awareness of the deeper meaning behind the triggers causing emotional turmoil. Its powerful properties eliminate and transforms negative energies effectively and promotes and encourages self – love and acceptance of self.
Its powerful vibration raises consciousness and facilitates the link into collective consciousness. Its calming properties soothes the mind and improves concentration, focus and deep mental clarity. If you have the tendency to be driving and wonder to yourself, how did I get there then this is the stone for you. Very grounding stone.
Agate stimulates the Digestive and Lymphatic system.

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Purple Dyed Agate Slice Tealight Holder Rough
Size 13cm x 12 cm

As this is carved from natural stone no two pieces are the same. Patterning and Shape may vary.

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