Sweet Dreams Dreamcatcher Gift Set

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20cm Lilac Dreamcatcher with a Purple Agate Crystal.
Small Amethyst Cluster
Rose Quartz 5cm tall Guardian Angel
Black Onyx Chakra Bracelet.

Out of stock


Our Sweet Dreams bundle was inspired by the Dreamcatchers that originated from the Native American culture.. Used as a sleep time protection talisman to capture nightmares in its web before they disturbed your mind and to ensure that you experience sweet dreams.
Many believe that the first suns ray that touch the dreamcatcher at sunrise banish and eradicate the trapped nightmares Hence the name Dreamcatcher. Symbolically, the round shape represents the circle of life and the Sun and Full moon, and the downy soft feathers are the ladders that your sweet dreams float downwards into your dream state mind.

This gift pack comprises of a gorgeous Black double dreamcatcher with soft downy feathers and a purple or pink Agate to amplify the protection from bad dreams. Included is a Sterling Silver Amethyst White Lava Stone Bracelet  to calm your mind and eliminate nightmares and our very own Sweet Dreams  rose quartz guardian angel to watch over you whilst you are sound asleep and a chakra bracelet made from black onyx for extra added protection.

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