Shungite and Black Labradorite/Larvikite Combination Bracelet

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Shungite and Black Labradorite/Larvikite Combination Bracelet

Combination Bracelet Featuring Black Onyx and Black Labradorite/Larvikite and Sterling Silver Feature Bead.  A Grade quality Beads

One size fits all

Round Black Labradorite/Larvikite 4cm

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Black Labradorite also known as Larvikite is a rare and quite unique stone to come across. With its opalescent flashes this stone will certainly make an impression. Known for its amplified Labradorite qualities this stone assists our passage to our Higher Self connection. It aids in seeing through illusions and supports us through overwhelming times. Combined with the powerful benefits of Elite Shungite makes this a very unique and powerful bracelet to wear.


Crown Chakra _ Heart Chakra _ Throat Chakra

Labradorite Crystal is often called The Stone of Magic, as it assists you to gently awaken, opening the doorway to your psychic abilities. They embody within them a deeply felt resonance that is very powerful. Labradorite also known as the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom, creating a shielding force around the physical body and strengthens the auric field. It protects against psychic attack by transmuting projected energy to Love.

Metaphysical Benefits and Properties:
 Destroys illusions
 Provides clarity, understanding, patience and inner knowing
 Reduces anxiety and stress
 Aids digestion
 Fortifies intuition and mediumistic qualities

Labradorite assists in calming an overactive mind associated with the Crown Chakra and energizes the imagination, bringing in clarity and inner knowing. It is a wonderful tool for returning joy and spontaneity back to one’s life. It helps eliminate the emotional drain of daily routine or being weighed down by responsibility and awakens a sense of adventure and change.

Labradorite can be excellent for strengthening intuition and mediumistic qualities. Powerful in revealing the truth behind illusions, Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities, relieving anxiety and stress and is an ideal stone in aiding in digestion. It stimulates the imagination and calms an overactive mind, developing enthusiasm and new ideas.

The vibration of this crystal encourages you to understand your destiny, allowing yourself to change as a result, and to bring together all aspects that you need to aid you.

The energy of Labradorite allows one to penetrate the haze of emptiness, where all knowledge and possibility are held. It is the source of creation and the place of potential. It assists in moving between the worlds, and in bringing to this realm the creations which are for the highest good of all beings.
Being a powerful protector of the aura, it helps prevent energy leak, and others from tapping into and depleting your personal energy. It ensures all elemental forces are empowered and proportional within one’s system. It is also a useful tool in electromagnetic therapy (EMT) analysis and treatment to help pinpoint problem areas. Labradorite is thought to bring the light of other planetary beings to the soul of the user. Its essence is believed to be of extra-terrestrial origins bringing the evolved energies from other worlds to the Earth plane.


(Base Chakra)

Shungite is renowned for its unique powerful properties and vibration. Its energy being associated with earth provides grounding and safety. It is a stone of protection helping the lower part of our energetic body and repelling negative energy and considered as a powerful Base Chakra healing stone. Shungite is composed of mostly carbon, which is the universal building block for life as we know it. It is also known that Shungite is the only known natural mineral to contain fullerenes, a crystalline form of carbon and a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals.

Metaphysical Benefits and Properties
 Relieves Stress and Anxiety
 Powerful protector from EMF
 Alleviates Insomnia
 Boosts overall energy
 Detoxifies and purifies body mind and spirit
 Corrects imbalances in the body
 Balances Base Chakra
 Purifies and cleanses Drinking Water
 Assists cellular imbalances
 Anti-inflammatory
 Natural Antihistamine

Although recently discovered Shungite is believed to been around for an estimated 2 billion years. Found in the seabed of Lake Onega which was believed to be created by a meteorite crater Shungites property managed to purify the highly polluted waters it was formed in. Therefore, Shungite is highly regarded for its antioxidant fullerenes. As Carbon has been used within water filters for centuries, Shungite also possess the same purifying property. Although Shungite has been used for physical purification and detoxification, its healing properties go deeper into the emotional and spiritual realms, allowing anyone who works with Shungite to cleanse their energy field of harmful or unwanted energies. Shungite is a powerful stone to shield you from the electromagnetic radiation (EMF) given off by electrical equipment, including computers, mobile phones, microwaves and televisions and what we now know as being called electronic pollution, helping heal those who have developed a sensitivity to man-made electrical devices.

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