Rhodonite Obelisk Tower

Rhodonite Obelisk Tower

Rhodonite is the perfect stone to hold dear to your heart in times of trauma and emotional suffering. Carved in the shape of the heart, symbolic of its healing nature.
Our Rhodonite is sourced in Peru and is activated with the intent of Unconditional Love and Self Care..

Approximately 5 – 6cm

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Chakra – Heart and Solar Plexus
Rhodonite stimulates and assists the heart, clearing away emotional scarring that linger on and transmutes it to compassion and forgiveness. Known as the Stone of Love it heals old wounds and transmutes bitterness into emotional acceptance with clarity. It facilitates healing on a deep level gently guiding you to see the good in every situation. Rhodonite sooths the nervous system and assists in times of trauma and shock. An excellent stone to support you in the grieving process.
Lifetimes of abuse and self-destruction can be eradicated with this powerful stone. It promotes Self Love and assists in times of co- dependency and addictions and dissolving childhood trauma whilst replacing negative energy with forgiveness and unconditional love.

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