Revival Kit

Introducing our Revival kit.
Included in this bundle is this stylish Tree of Life ceramic oil burner that can also be used as a wax melt to bring healing scents into your environment. Stands at approximately 11 cm tall. May Chang With its crisp, fresh and invigorating aroma that is often likened to lemon myrtle and often compared to lemongrass has powerful properties that makes this potion stand out on its own.
May Chang has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries. Its powerful botanical properties can lift you up from depression, feelings of hopelessness, assisting to calm anxiety and lethargy. It relieves brain fog and helps attain mental clarity.
Its powerful properties stimulates the mind and alleviates mental exhaustion and is known to naturally assist with symptoms associated with PMS, Asthma and Circulation.
Topically it can help with joint pain and muscle tension and can be used as an antiseptic due to its powerful anti-fungal properties.
Due to its antiviral capabilities it can be used to heal coughs and colds, bronchitis and flu like symptoms. Perfect to have on hand as a winter remedy.
May Chang Essential Oil infused with the powerful properties of Clear Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone and Citrine amplifies this powerful oil with the added benefits of the crystals high frequency energetical attributes. Sprinkle a few drops on your Combination Lava bracelet featuring Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Sterling silver feature beads and you will be wearing a powerful combination of healing energetical properties that will bring a sense of Peace Calm while simultaneously raise your energy levels and bring joy back into your life.

May Chang – Litsea Cubeba 10 ml
Infused with Clear Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone, Citrine

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