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Regression/Timeline Therapy

Timeline Regression Therapy:

A journey back in time where through a specific form of relaxation techniques the sub conscious mind chooses the timeline in your life or beyond where a certain situation causing physical and emotional imbalance can be explored in depth.
This powerful therapy helps to understand past decisions and choices and can potentially unleash difficult triggers by delving into the root cause and where it originated. This can be a beneficial process when dealing with difficult phobias and emotional turmoil.

1 x 2 hour session

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PLEASE NOTE: Alternative treatments and sessions are not meant to replace traditional medicine, however they are a supplementary treatment to help clients overcome their issues with a Holistic approach. Please contact your GP or Specialist for medical advice. Please see terms and conditions and privacy policy for more information.

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What Is Regression Therapy?

Is it possible to move forward without dealing with the past? The answer is almost always NO. Many of us spend a great deal of time stuck in the past or worried about the future. Is something in your past keeping you captive and not letting you build a healthy future for yourself? Maybe you can’t move forward but you don’t even know why because you have blocked your memory to protect yourself. Regression therapy helps in these situations. It uncovers and resurfaces these negative patterns in your past and deals with them to rebalance your current mental and emotional state.


There are two types of regression therapy. One is the “Age Regression Therapy” and the other is called “Past Life Regression Therapy”. Age regression therapy focuses on your childhood and unblocks the obstructions in your present situation that are rooted in your childhood. Whereas past life regression therapy focuses on your past lives and uncovers your obstacles from the past that affect your current life.


How Is Regression Therapy Done?

Regression therapy is widely used by experts to treat problems like anxiety, stress, mood disorders, and more. Our minds constantly gather memories. We do this in two different ways. We gather memories from past lives and we also gather memories from our past in this current life. Regression therapy uses hypnosis and deep meditation to take the patient into a more relaxed state of mind. This is a deep state in which we are in touch with our subconscious. The therapist then takes the patient back to the first time they had the specific negative feelings by asking questions and guiding their patients into the core of their problems. Hypnosis enables us to move across time and space without borders or boundaries. Many blockages from our childhood are buried in the depths of our unconscious mind but they secretly keep sabotaging us and preventing us from becoming who we want to be. During a session, some of these memories can be hard to uncover, some of them can be relatively easy. It depends on how strongly we buried them and developed resistance against them.


Uncovering Childhood Blockages

Our inner balance is closely related to our childhood and the memories created during that period. In some cases, one buries bad memories so deep in a way they no longer remember them because reliving the painful moments hurts them. So they completely block them and put them out of sight but not so much out of mind. Our conscious mind might not remember them, but our unconscious mind does not forget. And this is where the age regression therapy helps us unblock these obstructions. These blockages sometimes cause more serious problems like substance abuse, addiction, violence, paranoia. Sometimes they cause depression, panic, anxiety. In certain cases, we have unexplained phobias and we don’t even know or remember where they are coming from. Age regression therapy mainly focuses on this lifetime. The childhood period in which the problems started occurring. The patient is guided to go back to those specific moments under hypnosis and meditation. The Therapist helps the patient move into their younger state of mind. The duration of the therapy depends on the patient. For some people it might be just a few sessions, for others, it could take months.


Unblocking Obstacles of Past Lives

This is a slow journey that takes the patient into the depths of their memories that go back hundreds of years. Because we are all a part of a much bigger and timeless consciousness, everything is forever restored in the Universe, as well as in our memories. We might not know the reasons why certain things or people evoke certain emotions in us. Sometimes we don’t entirely understand where and when the problems we are dealing with in our present life have started. All these hidden memories are stored in our subconscious mind. Past life regression therapy focuses on uncovering the roots of memories and helping the patient overcome them safely. The negative memory patterns can sometimes cause physical illness. They can affect our current relationships. Have you ever felt like you have been to a specific place before, or you have met a certain person before because you feel a strong connection between you and them? The best way to release these memories and let go of the negative ones is through past life regression therapy. During this 2 to 3 hour-long session, the patient will be guided by the therapist to go into a meditative state where deep thinking will be encouraged. During the sessions, the patient’s past life memories will be brought back to consciousness to analyze and to make sense of them to understand their connections to our current situation.


What Are The Benefits Of The Regression Therapy?

Regression therapy, whether it is to unblock your childhood obstacles or to unblock your past life issues, will help you connect with yourself deeper. You will be able to see your family relationships, friendships, and your romantic relationships from a different angle that wasn’t known to you before. You will understand why you make certain wrong or damaging choices and decisions over and over to the point where you continuously self-sabotage yourself. You will be able to identify and heal your negative thought patterns and harmful memories. You will release tension, panic, and anxiety. You will understand why you were brought into this world and what your life purpose is. This is a great way to refocus on your life goals and meet them with a clearer mind.


Alternative treatments are not meant to replace traditional medicine, but they are a supplementary treatment to help patients overcome their struggles, problems, and pain. They will also help strengthen the positive effects of traditional medical treatments.


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