Pendant – Sterling Silver Eye Of Horus Pendant

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Pendant – Sterling Silver Eye Of Horus Pendant

Sterling Silver Eye of Horus

Available in Lapis lazuli and Rainbow Moonstone



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This ancient Egyptian Symbol is said to watch over you and protect you from the Evil Eye and projected energy. This symbol played a key role  in rituals and was documented in hieroglyphics on walls in temples in honour of its infamous healing powers. The eye was named after their most powerful God, Horus. During an intense battle it was said that Horus’s eye was ripped out. Controversial recollection has one story say that Horus ripped his own eye out in the battle with Seth in order to save his father which it is said why this symbol has such strong attributes to the symbol of sacrifice. It is also documented that although His eye was damaged it was magically restored which is why the Egyptians considered the Eye of Horus to be such a sacred symbol of sacrifice, healing, regeneration, wholeness and protection in ancient Egypt. Much like the Catholic Crucifix the Eye of Horus is highly regarded as a protection symbol that deflects negativity and promotes healing for anyone that wears this powerful symbolic amulet.

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Eye of Horus

Lapis Lazuli, Rainbow Moonstone

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