Mother Earth Crystal Carving – Howlite

Mother Earth Crystal Carving – Howlite

Mother Earth symbolises the nurturing qualities and devotion to protect  our beautiful planet.

Representing Earth tucked away safely deep within her womb she is the epitome of true Gaia Goddess qualities. Expertly carved in Howlite bringing you the powerful properties this stone has to offer in an elegant time piece.

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Howlite governs the communication sector, self – awareness and self-expression. It is known as the calming stone of the mineral kingdom. Howlite initiates Spiritual Development and facilitates the preparation of the minds gateway to other dimensions. It facilitates the gateway to past lives and other realms and assists one to connect with their Higher Self. It teaches patience and calms the mind whilst releasing suppressed anger and moody tendencies. Howlite stimulates brain function and enhances the memory making it a great study buddy. Howlite relieves insomnia and and assists in dream recall. Wearing Howlite protects you against negative projection from others and helps to release past traumas from this and other lifetimes.

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