Quality Unique Feature Crystal bead design accompanied with Lava Stone Bracelet featuring Sterling silver and Crystal Beads.

Lava Stones are said to be a very grounding stone and can assist in alleviating Stress and Anxiety and is associated with the Base/Root Chakra.. Lava Stone is formed from hot volcanic lava which has erupted and oozed from within the core of the earth. Once it cools it forms into black porous rock known as Lava Stone. The porous structure is ideal to sprinkle a few drops of essential oil directly on the stone as it absorbs the liquid and retains the aroma for hours at a time. Once absorbed you can enjoy the health benefits associated with Aromatherapy. Alternatively you can spray your favourite perfume for extra added scent.
Choose from the many Crystal varieties to utilise the healing benefits from this versatile jewellery piece.