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Designed to support the Root/Base Chakra assisting to release repressed anger and resentment relieving stomach ailments such as bloating and bowel issues. (Tigers Eye and Black Onyx)
Simultaneously working to support the throat and third eye chakra assisting the communication sector and calming the mind. Assistance in articulating their emotions. (Lapis Lazuli) Also designed to protect and strengthen their aura elevate their Spiritual connection and an added bonus support in their concentration, attention span and memory. Perfect for study and jobs that require focus.
Primarily programmed to eliminate stress and anxiety.
Perfect for the young and old alike.

LAPIS LAZULI is a powerful intense blue stone for opening the third eye and stimulating the pineal gland. This is a useful stone to wear as it is said to relieve anxiety and tension, as well as assist with easing headaches and migraines.

Metaphysical Benefits and Properties

 Strengthens skeletal system
 Activates thyroid gland
 Releases tension and anxiety
 Helps alleviate migraine and headaches
 Energizes throat charka
 Boosts strength, vitality, virility
 Clarity and illumination
 Enhances Psychic abilities and contact with Higher Self and expression
 Aids respiratory system and thyroid gland A
 Assists in lowering Blood Pressure and helps boost the immune system

BLACK ONYX symbolizes initiation and change in certain traditions because it inspires feelings of personal power that comes from facing your fears, freeing one to find find strength and clarity in difficult times helping free your soul from the chains of self-doubt and anxiety. It assists you in achieving a meaningful existence. This stone promotes willpower and perseverance.

Metaphysical Benefits and Properties:
 Aids in processing mental and physical stress
 Excellent for blood and bone disorders
 Helps one find strength and clarity in difficult times

TIGERS EYE is known for its properties of Courage, Clarity and Strength. The Tiger’s Eye is also known to help create understanding and awareness, it can also be a great stone to use when you are feeling stressed, to keep you calm. Tiger’s eye is usually a metamorphic rock with a golden to red/brown colour and a silky luster. Stimulating the Chakras, it supports physical vitality, practicality, and maintaining balance between extremes.

Benefits and Properties
 Enhances clarity of mind, confidence, strength and courage
 Enhances willpower, alertness and helps release fears
 Beneficially influences colon, genitals, legs, liver, nervous system and pancreas
 Assists in stomach ailments such as nausea, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea
 Can aid in weight loss by releasing negative energy from more than one Chakra
 Powerful healer for pain

HEMATITE is known for its grounding properties and promotes clarity by stimulating concentration and focus. Enhances the memory and its powerful magnetic energy is perfect for those suffering from pain caused by arthritis and inflammation.

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