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Holistic Counselling

Here at Pineal Crescent, we offer our clients a free 15 min Initial Consultation where we can discuss your concerns and issues that you are currently experiencing, essentially to ascertain whether Holistic counselling is appropriate for you. This and consequent sessions will be facilitated via the online video platform or over the phone, whichever feels more comfortable for you.

The next step is to schedule in an intake appointment which will be a longer session and will take around 90 min. The standard sessions thereafter will run for approximately 60min.

For more information and bookings contact caroline@pinealcrescent.com.au

Please contact us for any information you may require.

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Begin your healing journey. Book in some regular times and experience Chakra’s activations and re-balancing. Feel supported whilst you go through your Shadow self journey. Together we can release years of self sabotage, old programming that no longer serves you and free yourself from the burdens of the past.

Caroline is an Internationally renowned psychic, Alternative therapist and conductor of healing
energy who has been immersed in her art professionally for over 25 years. Her third eye gifts,
however, have been with her since childhood. Caroline began her journey refining her intuitive abilities from an early age. She discovered crystals and used their healing powers to transform her life and those she dearly loves. She researched extensively and experimented with different combinations of crystals and is offering her knowledge to help you transform your own life. Her extensive training includes the following:

Diplomas and Studies in:
● Holistic Counselling
● Regression Therapy
● Deep Meditation Facilitation
● Advanced Crystal Therapy
● Alpha Repatterning
● Timeline Therapy
● Reiki 1 & 2
● Metaphysics
● Mental Health

Knowledge from the physical realm is accompanied by the natural
flow she receives from the spiritual. She channels information from source energy and utilizes
tools such as:
● Tarot
● Channeling
● Palmistry
● Numerology
● Ancient Egyptian Crystal Therapy
● Aura and Chakra activations and re-balancing

Caroline has helped facilitate comfort for a
multitude of complexities such as:
● Post traumatic stress disorder
● Anxiety
● Anger
● Depression
● Grief physical pain
● Weight loss
● Relationship issues
● Phobias
Caroline’s gifts range from Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Mediumship and with the natural ability to see Auras and detect Chakras has ignited her passion for service and has helped many clients. Her dedication to
assisting those in need of spiritual guidance and intuitive healing has been witnessed time and
time again. She assists her clients in raising their vibrations and releasing stagnant energy that
can lead to negative manifestations such as illness and disabilities.
Greatly enjoying certain aspects of her career, she specializes in relationships.

These sessions are designed to help those experiencing any number of issues such as:

Phobias and fears
Anxiety and depression and other mental health issues
PTSD – Trauma
Relationship Issues
Recurring Headaches and migraines
Eating disorders
Digestive issues
Recurring nightmares


Holistic Counselling takes into consideration all the aspects of the persons wellbeing as a whole in order to create an understanding and deeper clarity in regards to the issue at hand. Holistic counselling offers the client the tools in which they can explore all aspects of the situation in order to achieve a greater Self-Awareness by combining the Mental, Physical and Spiritual aspects of a person in its entirety as the Self. This enables the client to explore all aspects of their sub conscious blocks enabling them to release the root cause of dis-ease within the physical body.
The unconscious self is an important aspect of holistic counselling because this is where we store and bury all our unpleasant memories and emotions that our conscious mind is unable to process at the time.
These thoughts residing in the unconscious mind became a passionate topic of interest for Freud and the only way he could make sense of this concept was to consider the existence of another kind of mind that is very separate from the conscious mind.
Freud discovered that this “other mind” is where
Familiar and or uncomfortable memories, images and feelings are stored. Freud named this “other mind” the unconscious mind because it was apparent to Freud that we did not have direct access to the information stored in that area of the brain nor was the nature of the accessibility of the contents. The unconscious minds mental process are inaccessible to the consciousness and is thought to influence feelings and behavioural issues. The three components of personalities according to Freud are as follows:
The ID which is what we are initially born with and can be described as our primal instincts and is fully formed from the moment we are born. Freud describes the ID as “the dark, inaccessible part of our personality.”
The Ego which is the part of Self that regulates the IDs demands and tries to ensure that the ID’s demands are justifiable and maintainable in accordance to society’s expectations and group consciousness reality.
THE SUPER EGO is often described as the moral self. It is the part of ourselves that we attain which aspires us to be great role models and holds us accountable for our decision making and ID impulses that we grow to judge as unethical or dishonourable and creates confliction of guilt and promotes self-sacrifice and nobility and the drive to be better role models within society or as parents, teachers etc.
The importance of Freud’s concept of Self allows us to understand the complicated depths of our mind as an entire package that harbours all sorts of contradictions and superficial urges that seems to have a mind of its own at times, orchestrated from a rudimentary primal programming which can be buried away deeply.
The importance of holistic counselling is to help decipher and ascertain what drives these contradictions within the mind to help determine a clear understanding as to why we respond to negative impulses the way we do.

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Holistic Counselling

Standard Appointment – 60 min, Intake Appointment – 90 min, Intake Appointment – Online – 90 min, Standard Appointment – Online – 60 min, Free 15 min Consultation

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