Gratitude Soul Journal Gift Pack

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Gratitude Soul Journal Gift Pack


Journaling is a great tool for Stress Management. An effective and easy way to implement mindfulness and to focus your attention inwards. Our Gift pack Is a great Starter kit for your Spiritual Journey.

Practicing gratitude inspires a deeper appreciation of life, strengthens our resilience and leaves us feeling a sense of peace. There’s something worthwhile in capturing magic moments and looking for the light in life’s obstacles.

Our Gratitude Journal is a guided one, with three tabbed sections that encourage you to uncover life’s hidden treasures; record the magic moments that happen in your day; and find ways to express kindness + gratitude to others.


Gratitude journal

Love and Light Pen with Purple Ink

Rose Quartz Heart

Amethyst Cluster

Clear Quartz Point

RRP $110

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Gratitude Soul Journal Gift Pack

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