Experience the natural beauty and healing power of raw crystals with this crystal kit, designed for those who love to connect with Mother Nature’s treasures in their natural form. The kit is presented in a beautifully designed wooden box featuring a dreamcatcher mandala pattern, adding to its overall appeal and making it a perfect keepsake to store all your favorite pieces.

Filled with a variety of raw crystal items, a selenite tealight candle holder, a 140g coconut/soy crystal-infused candle, jewellery, palo santo to cleanse your treasures, crystal confetti, and much more, this crystal kit offers exceptional value for those looking to experience the benefits of raw crystals. Each item in the kit is carefully chosen for its unique healing properties and combined to provide a complete crystal experience.

The selenite tealight candle holder is perfect for creating a calming ambiance in your space, while the crystal-infused candle adds a touch of aromatherapy to your environment. The jewellery pieces included in the kit are perfect for daily wear, providing you with the healing energy of raw crystals wherever you go. The palo santo and crystal confetti are great additions to your crystal cleansing rituals, making sure your treasures are always clear and energized.

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal! With its variety of raw crystals and carefully selected accessories, this crystal kit is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to connect with the healing power of Mother Nature’s treasures. The box measures 19 cm x 9 cm, making it a perfect size for storage and display. Experience the beauty and benefits of raw crystals today with this exceptional crystal kit.