Frankincense -Boswellia – Crystal Infused 10ml

Frankincense -Boswellia – Crystal Infused 10ml

Frankincense – Boswellia 10ml
Infused with Amethyst, Labradorite and Black Tourmaline

Known as the king of oils for its sacred anointment for thousands of years. It is documented as the first spices brought back to Europe from the East and mentioned in the bible during the time of Christ as one of the gifts presented by the three wise men- at the time of his birth. Frankincense was worth more than its weight in gold purely because it was so highly regarded for its magical healing properties.
A scent that’s warm, subtle and sweet and conveys notes of resin, balsam and pine needle this highly regarded essential oil can be used for so many different ailments such as inflammation, muscle relaxant, depression, relieving nervous tension, anxiety, PTSD and relief for women suffering from PMS. Used in a diffuser it can help drain mucus and relieve coughing. Frankincense calms the nervous system and elevates Spiritual awareness and high levels of consciousness making it the perfect choice of oil for meditation. Infused with Labradorite and Clear Quartz amplifies the frequency of Frankincense’s psychic potential.
Topically it relieves skin conditions and can be used as a skin care routine alleviating fine lines and wrinkles. Mix a few drops in your favourite carrier oils to make an excellent rub for sore joints and achy muscles.
Infused with powerful crystals this oil has amplified properties making this a potent combination excellent for calming the mind prior to any ritual and as an added tool for protection.

The Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz crystal known for providing Peace, Healing and Intuition. This magical crystal is also said to be beneficial for people attempting connection with their Spiritual Self. Amethyst has been highly prized throughout the ages for its stunning beauty and great powers to stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions.

Metaphysical Benefits and Properties:
 Strengthens immune system
 Enhances right brain activity
 Enhances Inspiration and Intuition
 Encourages Tranquility, Stability and Protective Properties
 Excellent for Meditation
 Helps Headaches and Hangovers
 Calms the Mind
 Relieves Mind Chatter and Negative thought invasions

Amethyst’s ability helps expand the higher mind to enhance one’s creativity and passion. Its natural high frequency purifies the aura of any negative energy or attachments whilst providing tranquillity and stability. Amethyst helps create a protective shield of light around the body and facilitates calmness.
Amethyst promotes calmness and helps purify your mind clearing negative thoughts making it an excellent stone for meditation. Keeping Amethyst beside you while you are sleeping will help to provide protection, eliminating nightmares and night terrors and has been known to reduce sleep walking. Amethysts powerful properties can be used to transmute negative energy.
In the spiritual world, Amethyst has been known to provide a heavenly connection. Amethyst today is a remarkable stone of spirituality, serenity and inspiration and is a powerful enhancer for meditative states. Described as the Door Keeper, its innate high frequency purifies the aura of negative energy, allowing one to remain clear and centred whilst seeking spiritual direction. Amethyst stimulates the Third Eye Chakra enhancing the development of insightful and psychic ability, strengthening one’s intuition.
Described as the Security Guard, this protective stone is another essential component to your healing crystal kit. Black Tourmaline crystals are known for providing protection and repelling negative energies. It is useful in purifying and neutralizing one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts, turning them into positive, usable energy. Like a disinfectant for the soul, Black Tourmaline crystal cleanses the aura of unpleasant attachments from dark negative forces.

Metaphysical Benefits and Properties:
 Powerful Protection & Grounding Stone
 Aids in relieving stress
 Clears electrical magnetic fields and environmental radiation
 Protects against negative force fields
 Helps eliminate negative forces associated with schizophrenia and paranoia
 Can assist with pain relief
 Helps decalcify and ease arthritis and aids in releasing toxins

The Black Tourmaline crystal is also one of the most powerful minerals for absorbing electromagnetic radiation, so placing it near computers and other electronics is an excellent choice. Black Tourmaline may be used to activate grounding of the
Base Chakra, providing further enhancement of one’s well-being on the physical plane.
Black Tourmaline defends against debilitating disease whilst strengthening the immune system, as well as ridding the body of heavy metal toxins and environmental pollutants. Its qualities for diminishing fear may be useful in treating paranoia, panic attacks and can help overcome forces associated with schizophrenia. Emotionally Black Tourmaline assists in increasing physical vitality, replacing tension and stress and provides an ability to view the world objectively with clear, rational thought and neutrality.
Black Tourmaline spiritual properties include powerful protection helping to disperse and change negativity. If you are working in an emotionally toxic environment, this crystal can help transform the negative energy around you into universal light and love. Radiating positivity from you to ensure the negativity does not follow you home. If you live in a negative home environment, keeping a large specimen of Black Tourmaline in your room would provide you with a safe space and refuge.
Labradorite Crystal is often called The Stone of Magic, as it assists you to gently awaken, opening the doorway to your psychic abilities. They embody within them a deeply felt resonance that is very powerful. Labradorite also known as the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom, creating a shielding force around the physical body and strengthens the auric field. It protects against psychic attack by transmuting projected energy to Love.

Metaphysical Benefits and Properties:
 Destroys illusions
 Provides clarity, understanding, patience and inner knowing
 Reduces anxiety and stress
 Aids digestion
 Fortifies intuition and mediumistic qualities

Labradorite assists in calming an overactive mind associated with the Crown Chakra and energizes the imagination, bringing in clarity and inner knowing. It is a wonderful tool for returning joy and spontaneity back to one’s life. It helps eliminate the emotional drain of daily routine or being weighed down by responsibility and awakens a sense of adventure and change.

Labradorite can be excellent for strengthening intuition and mediumistic qualities. Powerful in revealing the truth behind illusions, Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities, relieving anxiety and stress and is an ideal stone in aiding in digestion. It stimulates the imagination and calms an overactive mind, developing enthusiasm and new ideas.

The vibration of this crystal encourages you to understand your destiny, allowing yourself to change as a result, and to bring together all aspects that you need to aid you.

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Essential oils are known for their many therapeutic benefits associated with the holistic nature of aromatic plants. Mother nature has provided us with a smorgasbord of different remedies for all ailments and essential oils that are skillfully steam distilled makes the a potent contender. They can assist in multitudes of ailments and here at Pineal Crescent we have amplified their therapeutic potential with our Crystal infused Range. Packed with high frequency energetical properties our aromatherapy range offers Mind Body and Spirit equilibrium.


Add 3-6 drops into your diffuser or  Jewellery of choice.

May be used as  a lotion by adding 6 – 10 drops to 30ml of your choice of carrier oil. Essential Oils offer potent healing potential so please use with caution.

They provide a natural alternative to enhance your over all equilibrium when applied as recommended.

Please note: Although research suggests that there are therapeutic benefits using aromatherapy to achieve health and wellness there is no guarantees that this will cure what the description indicates.


Keep out of reach children and pets.

This product is not intended for internal use.

Please consult with your medical practitioner before using if you suffer from allergic reactions, when you are pregnant or lactating or suffering from serious illness.

Do not use in babies under 3 months of age.

Always do a patch test before using topically.

If you suffer a reaction cease use immediately and seek medical advice.

Avoid contact with your eyes.

Use diffuser in a well ventilated area and be mindful of your fur babies as they too can suffer adverse reactions.

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