Crown Crystal Infused 100% Essential Oil – 10ml

Combination of powerful crystal properties including Labradorite, Amethyst and Clear Quartz infused in a special oil blend derived from Lavender, May Chang, Frankincense and Orange. This frequency enhancing blend has been Reiki infused with Love and Light to support you on your healing journey.

Lavender –
Lavender was one of the Holy herbs used to prepare the Holy essence and mentioned in the bible. Romans lavishly used Lavender oil as a perfume to freshen their hair and bedding until they discovered its potent medicinal properties. Renowned for its relaxing aroma Lavender offers relief from stress, anxiety and balances the central nervous system. A gentle sedative that can calm the mind and assist with insomnia makes this a perfect oil to diffuse just before bedtime.
May Chang –
May Chang has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries. With its crisp, fresh and invigorating aroma that is often likened to lemon myrtle and often compared to lemongrass its powerful properties make it stand out on its own.
May Chang can lift you up from depression, feelings of hopelessness, assisting to calm anxiety and lethargy. It relieves brain fog and helps attain mental clarity.
Its powerful properties stimulates the mind and alleviates mental exhaustion and is known to naturally assist with symptoms associated with PMS, Asthma and Circulation.
Topically it can help with joint pain and muscle tension and can be used as an antiseptic due to its powerful anti-fungal properties.
Due to its antiviral capabilities it can be used to heal coughs and colds, bronchitis and flu like symptoms.
May Chang Essential Oil infused with the powerful crystal properties amplifies this powerful oil with the added benefits of the crystals high frequency energetical attributes.
Frankincense –
Known as the king of oils for its sacred anointment for thousands of years. It is documented as the first spices brought back to Europe from the East and mentioned in the bible during the time of Christ as one of the gifts presented by the three wise men- at the time of his birth. Frankincense was worth more than its weight in gold purely because it was so highly regarded for its magical healing properties.
A scent that’s warm, subtle and sweet and conveys notes of resin, balsam and pine needle this highly regarded essential oil can be used for so many different ailments such as inflammation, muscle relaxant, depression, relieving nervous tension, anxiety, PTSD and relief for women suffering from PMS. Used in a diffuser it can help drain mucus and relieve coughing. Frankincense calms the nervous system and elevates Spiritual awareness and high levels of consciousness making it the perfect choice of oil for meditation. Infused with crystals amplifies the frequency of Frankincense’s psychic potential.
Topically it relieves skin conditions and can be used as a skin care routine alleviating fine lines and wrinkles. Mix a few drops in your favourite carrier oils to make an excellent rub for sore joints and achy muscles.
Orange –
Powerful healing abilities to boost the immune system and alleviates depression and reduces stress. A gentle sedative that can calm the mind and assist with insomnia makes this a perfect oil to diffuse just before bedtime.
It is highly regarded for its digestive support and when combined with a carrier oil and massaged directly on the stomach can relieve constipation, cramping and flatulence.
Orange can assist with toning oily skin or scalp and useful to combat cystic acne and excellent in reducing cellulite by improving circulation.
Orange lifts your mood and instills a feeling of happiness whilst its calming properties can help you unwind and relax.
Orange is a safe and gentle oil to use for the whole family and regarded as a non-toxic oil with very little caution to report. If applied directly on your skin avoid sunlight in case of photosensitivity.

Please contact us for any information you may require.



The Sankrit word “Chakra”  translates to “wheel” or “disk,” often described as  spiritual energy vortex’s within our body. There are over 110 chakra centers  however  seven main Chakras that are mainly focused on are the ones situated along the spine,  the neck, forehead and the crown of your head. A vortex of spiraling energy that appears to simulate  a mini tornado about 10cm wide. Although the Chakras role is  based on metaphysical complexities, however in a much simpler  term the chakra s role is to deflect negativity away from the auric field protecting our physical body from storing excessive amounts of harmful negative projection,. When the Chakras are spinning freely with ease we feel light and this enables us to raise our energetical vibration to a higher frequency level. A level that transmutes physical dis-ease and free of emotional and mental turmoil.  When our Chakras are aligned we literally feel care free and alive without that dense heavy  feeling that leaves us feeling literally depleted. Blocked Chakras creates physical dis-ease within our physical bodies creating all sorts of ailments that can start manifesting in the physical body such as Stress, Anxiety, Tension, Bloating, Headaches, Fogginess slowly progressing to more serious symptoms according to the region of the governed Chakra.

Here is a list of ailments that maybe experienced for each corresponding Chakra.

CROWN CHAKRA – An imbalance can invoke ailments such as Migraines, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, Sensitivity to pollutants, Depression, Obsessiveness and Confusion.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA – An imbalance can invoke ailments such as Headaches, Sinus Issues, Neurological Complications, Poor Vision and Glaucoma, Nightmares and Night Terrors, Insomnia, Hallucinations, Poor Concentration  and Brain Fog.

THROAT CHAKRA – When imbalanced you may experience throat related ailments such as  Communication Difficulties , Thyroid Issues, Tinnitus, Sore Throat, Coughing, Loss of Voice,  Neck and Shoulder Pain and Blocked Creativity.

HEART CHAKRA – When imbalanced the Heart Chakra affects the Circulatory System and the function of the Heart. A depletion of the immune system and lung problems such as Tuberculosis and Asthma can occur. Psychological imbalances are based upon fear in general and is focused around Betrayal, Dependency and Trust issues.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – When imbalanced you may experience ailments such as Digestive issues, Stomach Problems, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Heart Ailments and Chronic Fatigue, Low Self Esteem and Lack of Confidence.

SACRAL CHAKRA – When imbalanced you may experience physical ailments affecting Fertility, Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovaries, Urinary problems, Prostrate Issues, Impotence and Sterility and Kidney related issues.

BASE CHAKRA – Suppressed anger, Self-Destructive Tendencies, Frustration, and Resentments are emotions that are stored in the Base Chakra. If not released you may begin to experience physical ailments such as Uncontrollable Anger, Bloating, Stomach Cramps, Flatulence, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Arthritis, Lower Back Pain, Liver conditions and Lethargy.

Taking care of our Chakras health and well being is as important as eating and sleeping  for the physical body. Keeping our physical and energetical bodies well maintained will ensure abundance of energy and good health for years to come.

When your chakra is in its purest form, free flowing without being compromised it depicts the very meaning of vitality, positive thought patterns and an abundance of energy dissipating any threat of dis-ease. This will allow us to raise our vibrations where we attain good health and vitality, inspiration, patience and give and receive love freely. Nothing is blocking our freedom for peace. However, when we experience trauma and long bouts of stress our energetical body suffers, accumulating negative energy that undoubtedly weakens our auric field and the chakras become dull in colour and languid.

The seven main Chakras each correspond to specific organs as well as physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual states of being and influence all areas of your life. Within these Chakras is ‘prana,’ or the ultimate pure healing energy, that is all around us and within us, to keep us healthy, happy and vibrant.

Essential oils are known for their many therapeutic benefits associated with the holistic nature of aromatic plants. Mother nature has provided us with a smorgasbord of different remedies for all ailments and essential oils that are skillfully steam distilled makes them a potent contender. They can assist in multitudes of ailments and here at Pineal Crescent we have amplified their therapeutic potential with our Crystal infused Range. Packed with high frequency energetical properties our aromatherapy range offers Mind Body and Spirit equilibrium.

Chakras respond well to high frequency energies and these little potent elixirs can assist with restoring the frequency levels needed to maintain the Chakra’s role to move energy smoothly throughout the energetical body. Infused with Chakra Crystal properties helps raise the botanical frequencies to ensure that you can release the energy blocks and help maintain your Chakras functioning flow.

Several ways that you can achieve this is by adding a few drops of oil into a diffuser and allow the senses to do their job by breathing in the frequency which can energetically target the specific Chakra. Alternatively you can add a couple of drops to your favourite carrier oil and gently massage where the specific Chakra is situated. Allow your senses to take in the aroma that is specifically formulated to target the Chakras frequency. Mother nature definitely at her finest.

Whilst experiencing headaches simply rub your temple and the top of your head with the massage oil you’ve created by adding a few drops to the carrier oil as stated earlier and feel the release of the excess energy build up begin to melt away. Alternatively you can add a couple of drops to your diffuser and whilst closing your eyes focus on the crown chakra situated on the top of your head or for tension headaches felt around the eyes then visualise your Third Eye Chakra beginning to spin as you breathe in the aroma. This process can be done for all the Chakras.


Add 3-6 drops into your diffuser or  Jewellery of choice.

May be used as  a lotion by adding 6 – 10 drops to 30ml of your choice of carrier oil. Essential Oils offer potent healing potential so please use with caution.

They provide a natural alternative to enhance your over all equilibrium when applied as recommended.

Please note: Although research suggests that there are therapeutic benefits using aromatherapy to achieve health and wellness there is no guarantees that this will cure what the description indicates.


Keep out of reach children and pets.

This product is not intended for internal use.

Please consult with your medical practitioner before using if you suffer from allergic reactions, when you are pregnant or lactating or suffering from serious illness.

Do not use in babies under 3 months of age.

Always do a patch test before using topically.

If you suffer a reaction cease use immediately and seek medical advice.

Avoid contact with your eyes.

Use diffuser in a well ventilated area and be mindful of your fur babies as they too can suffer adverse reactions.

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