Chakra Starter Pack

Chakra Starter Pack


Introducing our Chakra Starter Pack. Packed with great value and everything you need to give your Chakras that healing kick start. Learn about the Chakra system with this handy guide, Book of Chakras where you will explore balancing your Chakras as you learn techniques on how to cleanse and protect you and your loved ones. You will receive your own tumble stone collection, a healing Chakra wand, black tourmaline and a Palo Santo stick to cleanse and protect and much more…..



The Little Book of Chakras by Patricia Merrier
1 x Intuitively chosen Crystal Infused Chakra Travel Tin Candle .
1 x Glass encased Chakra Wand with Clear Quartz Activation Point
Chakra Tumble Pack including Cage Pendant to wear your intuitively chosen tumble of the day.
1 x Selenite Rod
1 x Clear Quartz Point
1 x Intuitively Chosen Pendulum
1 x Intuitively Chosen Key Ring
1 x Chakra Bracelet
1 x Palo Santo Stick
1 x Amethyst Cluster
1 x Black Tourmaline

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