Introducing our stunning Chakra Goddess Journal Gift Set made from high-quality, animal cruelty-free faux leather. The perfect tool for manifesting your heart’s desires, this journal features real, quality Chakra gemstones with gold-embossed Chakra symbols. The journal includes information on the main Chakra system, making it an informative and practical tool for spiritual development.

Included with the journal is an intuitively chosen Crystal Infused Pen, further enhancing the positive energy and intention-setting power of this gift set. Use our guided pages to help you set your sights on bigger and brighter dreams, and allow the experience to be free-flowing and magical.

With the power of positive energy and intention, this journal will help you document your hopes and wishes and manifest your desires. Future scripting can be a useful way to visualize the outcome you are hoping to achieve, and this journal provides the perfect space for you to do so.

Whether you’re new to the world of Chakras or a seasoned practitioner, this gift set is the perfect addition to your spiritual toolbox. Embrace the power of intention and manifestation with our Chakra Goddess Journal Gift Set.