Chakra Balancing Namaste Corner

Chakra Balancing Namaste Corner




Wrought Iron Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Tealight Oil Burner 1-1.5kg Salt 13cm tall $45

Salt is to be regarded as neutralizing and balancing. The emission of ionization is primarily caused y the alternating actions of the salts ability to first absorb water, and then evaporate it. This allows a natural air filtering process to occur via the transformation cycle of hydrogen and oxygen as well as sodium and chloride ions.

In simple terms it provides the same freshness in your home as being beside the sea or standing close to a natural waterfall. Perfect for areas prone to positive ions such as electrical equipment  computers, T.V etc.  Its powerful natural qualities neutralize these environments by releasing negative ions known as healthy ions into the air. Natural Salt products are used to treat many types of disorders including breathing problems, such as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and varies allergies.

Angel 12cm Tall $15

Chakra Luck Candle 20cm Tall $20

Small Amethyst Cluster approximately 40 to 80 gms $15

Clear Quartz Point $10

Pendulum $25

Chakra Bracelet $25



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Chakra Balancing Namaste Corner

Create your own quiet Namaste corner with this Bundle.


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