Carnelian and Clear Quartz – Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Carnelian and Clear Quartz – Sterling Silver Bracelet

Sterling Silver Combination Bracelet with facetted 6mm Carnelian and Clear Quartz Beads featuring Sterling Silver Carnelian Charm Pendant and beads.

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This combination bracelet comprises of perfectly facetted 6mm beads of Carnelian and Clear Quartz and features a Carnelian Sterling Silver charm. Carnelian is a grounding stone and brings you a sense of stability. Carnelian assists in decision making as it promotes self- confidence and regulates low self esteem. Increase in vitality and motivation and instills courage whilst promoting positive life choices. A great choice for those breaking away from addiction cycle. Purifies the blood and assists the heart lungs and liver. Combined with Clear Quartz the master healer makes this a powerful bracelet for those in need.

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