AAA Grade Quality Sphere – Amethyst

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AAA Grade Quality Sphere – Amethyst

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This exquisite Amethyst Sphere is of AA Grade Quality and boasts a very deep purple color that is sure to captivate anyone who sees it. Measuring approximately 6.5 cm in diameter and weighing in at 425 grams, this sphere is both sizable and substantial.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, this amethyst sphere comes complete with a Hematite stand, providing a stylish and secure base to showcase its beauty. And for a limited time, every purchase comes with a free Buddha monk holding a plate sphere holder, perfect for displaying this stunning piece of natural beauty.

Amethyst is a powerful healing stone, known for its ability to promote calmness, clarity, and inner peace. Its deep purple colour is a symbol of royalty and is said to enhance intuition and spiritual awareness. With its remarkable size, weight, and quality, this AA Grade Amethyst Sphere is a must-have for anyone looking to experience the transformative power of crystal healing.

3 in stock

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Amethyst, a violet variety of quartz crystal, has been highly prized for its stunning beauty and great powers to stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions. It is known to enhance right brain activity, promoting inspiration and intuition. Amethyst also encourages tranquility, stability, and protective properties, making it an excellent choice for meditation.

Amethyst is also believed to strengthen the immune system and help with headaches and hangovers. Its calming properties can relieve mind chatter and negative thought invasions, providing a sense of peace and serenity.

Amethyst has been used for centuries as a spiritual stone, aiding in connection with one’s spiritual self. It is also said to be a powerful protective stone, guarding against psychic attacks and negative energies. Amethyst is a stone of transformation and is believed to help overcome addictions and unhealthy habits. It is a versatile crystal, treasured by healers, spiritual practitioners, and crystal enthusiasts alike.

Known for its spiritual properties Amethyst’s high frequency energy is known to purify the aura and help expand the higher mind, promoting creativity and passion. Amethyst creates a protective shield around the body and provides tranquillity and stability.

Amethyst is an excellent stone for meditation, promoting calmness and clearing negative thoughts. It is also known to provide protection from nightmares and night terrors. Amethyst can be used as a cleansing tool for other crystals by placing them on an amethyst bed, transmuting negative energy.

Spiritually, Amethyst is known as a remarkable stone of spirituality, serenity and inspiration. It stimulates the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing insightful and psychic abilities, and strengthens intuition. Amethyst is also known as the Door Keeper, purifying the aura of negative energy and allowing one to remain clear and centred while seeking spiritual direction.


Amethyst is a type of quartz that ranges in colour from light lavender to deep purple.
The name “amethyst” comes from the ancient Greek words “amethystos,” which means “not drunken.” It was believed that amethyst had the power to prevent drunkenness and addiction.
Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February.
Amethyst is found in many countries around the world, including Brazil, Uruguay, Zambia, South Korea, and the United States.
Amethyst is a popular gemstone for jewellery and is often used in rings, necklaces, and bracelets.
Amethyst is believed to have many healing properties, such as promoting calmness, clarity, and spiritual awareness.
In ancient times, amethyst was considered to be a symbol of royalty and was often used to decorate crowns, sceptres, and other regal objects.
The largest amethyst geode in the world is located in Uruguay and weighs over 2.5 tons.
Amethyst is often used in meditation and is said to help connect the physical, mental, and spiritual realms.
Amethyst is a popular stone for collectors, and some specimens can be quite valuable, especially those with deep, rich colour and no visible flaws.

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