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Larimar is a stone associated with tranquility and clear communication, reminiscent of the sea and sky. It is believed to have beneficial metaphysical properties that can help release emotional barriers, soothe emotions, and alleviate stress. Larimar is considered to be a highly spiritual stone that works effectively on the Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. According to belief, Larimar has several beneficial healing properties. It is said to stimulate the heart, release energy blocks within the meridian system, and offer powerful protection. Larimar may also dissipate entity attachments, stimulate spiritual enlightenment, and attract deeper connections.

It is believed that Larimar has calming properties that can help alleviate symptoms associated with PTSD and bipolar disorder, clear depression, and offer pain relief, including for sore throats, coughs, and tension headaches.

Larimar is considered a wonderful meditation stone that can quickly and effortlessly calm the mind and bestow inner peace. It is also believed to facilitate contact and communication with the angelic realms and assist in past life recovery by gently releasing energetic triggers from the past.

The energy of Larimar is believed to inspire a connection with nature and personal strength. It encourages individuals to manifest their highest purpose in life and brings tranquility into an environment, inviting loving energy from other dimensions. Larimar symbolizes peace and clarity, emitting an energy of healing and love, and encouraging spiritual development and the journey to enlightenment.

1. Larimar is also known as the “Atlantis Stone” because it is believed to have been found in the Dominican Republic, which is thought to be part of the lost city of Atlantis.

2. Larimar is a rare blue variety of the mineral pectolite and is found only in the Dominican Republic.

3. The name “Larimar” was given to the stone by a Dominican who combined his daughter’s name, Larissa, with the Spanish word for sea, “mar.”

4. Larimar is said to have a calming effect on the emotions and is often used in meditation and spiritual healing.

5. Some people believe that Larimar has the power to enhance communication and promote emotional healing.

6. Larimar is often used as a jewellery stone and is prized for its beautiful blue and green colours.

7. In addition to its calming and healing properties, Larimar is also said to enhance creativity and aid in the manifestation of one’s dreams and desires.

8. The Dominican Republic is the only known source of Larimar in the world, making it a rare and valuable gemstone.

9. Larimar is often associated with the throat chakra, which is believed to be the centre of communication and self-expression.

10. The unique beauty and rarity of Larimar has made it a popular stone among collectors and jewellery enthusiasts.

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