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Base Chakra | Heart Chakra

This is a stone of both physical and creative movement, stimulating the Base Chakra helping to get energy flowing throughout your mind, body and spirit. With the pure, upbeat energy of this crystal, blood stone will assist you to make the most out of every moment. The energy it carries provides purity of blood and inherently speaks of life and birth, vitality and strength, passion and courage and a powerhouse for restoring and rebuilding the mind and body.

Metaphysical Benefits and Properties:

  • Strengthens and oxygenates blood stream
  • Aids circulation
  • Enhances physical mental vitality
  • Strengthens heart, spleen, and bone marrow
  • Balances iron deficiencies
  • Powerful physical healer

Known as a powerful healing crystal it gained a reputation of sacred power in the Middle Ages when the Bloodstone meaning was linked to the crucifixion of Christ when the blood of his wounds fell onto the earth and turned to stone. Like the blood pumping through your circulatory system and to the heart, Bloodstone’s healing properties can assist regeneration of cells and tissue, making it ideal for physical healing.

Blood Stone stimulates physical and mental vitality and is remarkable for increasing creativity. An excellent stimulator of the immune system assisting to ward off colds, flu, infections, and inflammation, along with revitalizing and re-energizing the body after illness, injury, or physical exhaustion. It can also assist in providing benefits for blood-rich organs, regulating and stimulating blood flow, aiding circulation and assisting healthy bone marrow and treatments of blood disorders.

Stimulates consciousness within ourselves and helps bring one’s true spirituality into everyday life in a grounded way. It provides spiritual intuition of truths which exceed ordinary understanding. Blood Stone clears repressed and stagnate energy within both the Heart Chakra and Base Chakra simultaneously.

Blood Stone grounds and protects the soul on many levels, dispelling mental confusion, and keeping out negativity and undesirable entities. It is regarded as a shape-shifting stone as its colors can change in different lights, teaching one to travel invisibly between the worlds and negotiate different realms. One of its most important uses has been to gain entrance to the spiritual realms allowing one to live in the present unhindered by the past by dispelling negative patterns.

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