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Amber stone is not strictly speaking a stone or crystal but is a fossilized resin which is comprised of several tree resins formed from an aromatic, semi-solid substance produced though the plant’s epithelial cells. It is a powerful healer that alleviates Stress and tension and helps to balance emotions, clear the mind and release negative energy.

Metaphysical Benefits and Properties:

  • Draws out Negative Energy
  • Strong Manifestation stone
  • Alleviates Stress and Tension
  • Assists in Decision Making
  • Great Study Stone
  • Alleviates Headaches, Asthma and Toothaches
  • Aids Heart, Kidneys and Bladder Disorders
  • Helps clear Depression

The healing attributes of Amber has been in use since ancient times, and has been discovered in Egyptian tombs, including that of Tutankhamen.

Wearing or carrying Amber when recovering from an illness or injury assist to increase vitality and draw on one’s own essential strength and desire for wellness. Its life force vibration brings warmth to the inner being and exposes this energy into the system. Amber may also be used to alleviate bladder, heart and kidney disorder along with assisting with headaches, asthma and toothaches. Amber is excellent for alleviating stress, tension, and anxiety, increasing overall energy levels. Amber is noted to be a strong manifestation stone.

Amber provides strong protection, aligning one’s everyday self to higher spiritual realms. It is a valuable tool for tapping into ancient wisdom, and for recalling past lives, or repressed memories in order to break negative patterns and programming.

Fossilized with its Life Force energies intact, Amber is an excellent source of light energy for the physical body and provides substantial support for energetic healing.

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