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How to use the Pendulum

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How to use your Pendulum: Pendulums are a divination tool specifically used to answer Yes/No questions. Usually presented on a chain with a heavy weighted object attached to the bottom the pendulum can be pre-programmed to swing from side to side which simulates the action of a human response to No, back and forth as we do when we nod to YES and in a circular motion when the question is unclear and cannot be answered with clear clarity. In other words its neither YES or NO. When this occurs it generally means that the question should be re evaluated [...]

What is Stress?

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What exactly is stress? Most people will experience stress at some point in their life. Deadlines needing to be met or high demands made by family and friends or simply not enough hours in one day. These stressors are regarded as Healthy Stress because certain amount of stimulation to the nervous system is needed to function well. A healthy stress response is an inbuilt reactive sensory tool designed as an instinctual programming in response to threatening or perceived dangers. This response is designed purely as a survival method which is primarily to ensure the survival of humanity. Commonly referred to [...]

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Spiritual Entities

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Spirits, who or what are they? The existence of spiritual entities has been well documented for as long as we can remember. From shamanism to Judaism, from the native Americans to ancient Egyptians, history is full of fascinating stories. Today, even the skeptics have become more open to the idea of the existence of different types of energies that are not always visible to the naked eye. What actually is a spiritual entity? A spiritual entity is a non-physical form of energy parasite that has acquired a form of consciousness of its own. They attach to us according to our [...]

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